Artwork Digital Art

Work with mixed mediums or computer generated content.

Fractal Detail

Group - 29th July 2009

Three drawings started in charcoal and chalk, detail and contrast added in photoshop with a pen tablet. Then finally added texture with renders from apophysis.

  1. Digital Art - Dead Weight
  2. Digital Art - Living Skull
  3. Digital Art - Three Senses

Prague Doodles

Group - August 2000

Three pieces created while on holiday in Prague, around summer 2000. Images were sketched fast while in various places, including jazz bars (JzzFlutz), outdoor restaurants, etc. After image was sketched, detail was added. Once scanned, soft shading was blurred and line work was sharpened.

  1. Digital Art - Acydle Falayly
  2. Digital Art - Jzz Flutz
  3. Digital Art - Mat on the Sat

Single One

Group - 2000

Experimentation with multiple media types during my college years. Objects created in 3D, along with photographs and scanned textures.

  1. Digital Art - Single 1 Long
  2. Digital Art - Single 1a
  3. Digital Art - Single 1b
  4. Digital Art - Single 1c

Line Art

Group - 1999

This image was produced over several weeks, during my college years. Designed with pencil then scanned and traced.

  1. Digital Art - Mindslip


Group - 1999

A mix of photography and charcoal.

  1. Digital Art - Spidas


Group - 1998

  1. Digital Art - Uncon

College Time

Group - 1997

Made around the start of college. Combination of 3D images and scanned materials.

  1. Digital Art - Busted
  2. Digital Art - Heven t Hell
  3. Digital Art - Shattered
  4. Digital Art - Shattered

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